YAMMAMAN POP UP 8/23 - 9/11

8/23 - 9/11

We got the opportunity to have a new brand started by Ms. Nana Yamazak, YAMMAMAN, featured in the store for a pop up from late August through mid September. Ms. Nana Yamazak started YAMMAMAN to create more unisex clothing that anyone of any age can wear and enjoy. 

YAMMAMAN uses uses Aizu Momen, a traditional Japanese fabric. Aizu Momen, of all the Japanese cotton textiles, has the strongest regional colors and characteristics of Aizu in Fukushima, Japan- which is an incredibly unique area in all aspects from climate to culture. In that way, Aizu Momen keeps the wearer cool in summer, and warm in winter. 

Yammaman has a heavy focus on textile waste reduction, and putting care back into the production and manufacturing of clothing- which has been severely lost behind the chase to follow trends these days. The owner and the designer, Ms. Nana Yamazak, takes the time and care to ensure her creations are designed to transcend trends. 

You all absolutely fell in love with YAMMAMAN, which was no surprise to us. We were so sad when the pop-up ended, but we did have quite the closing celebration gathering. 

It was such an honor to have been able to host such a culturally rich brand that is steeped in Japanese textile history- and Ms. Nana Yamazak is so incredibly passionate about everything she does that working with her and seeing her talk about her brand was so inspiring. 

The closing party for YAMMAMAN took palace Friday, September 2nd and we had special sake from Kyoto via Matsumotoshuzofor taste testing.

It did not stop there though. We had the absolute pleasure of having world known, candy master, Candy Five  @candy5nyc in the store creating custom candy art for everyone who shopped. She has been performing at Disney World for 17 years and makes the most adorable and edible candy portraits just off a picture or based off seeing you in front of her.  

It was truly such a pleasure to have YAMMAMAN in the store for their first ever pop up, and we absolutely loved watching all of you fall in love with her and her brand too. 

Thank you all for reading! 



Yammaman Pop up

Yammaman Pop up

Yammaman Pop up

Yammaman Pop up

Yammaman Pop up