One Ear Brand


    One ear is done by one artist (a tiny nod at the famous artist with one ear) and the canvas is the bandanna. Inspired by the design style of bandannas from the late 1800s they repurpose this dramatic and timeless style and include elements familiar and appealing to a wide audience. The bandanna is a canvas for art but also harnessed within the realm of bandannas as art.

    A little about the artist who draws and does the art on all the bandannas:

    “Yurika Cherise Shikai is a Japanese-American illustrator and designer.  She was born and raised in the culturally diverse East Los Angeles and draws from a variety of cultural influences within the city and through living and working abroad.

    Sketching is a personal compulsion that allows her to gain a more intimate understanding of the world through mentally tracing and “feeling” shapes and forms. She finds a satisfaction in applying simple graphic HB pencil to paper, with a rough urgency to transpose the tracing activity of the mind, to the hand.”

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