Loop & Weft X Blue in Green 15 Year Anniversary Indigo hoody, Big Studio D'Artisan Drop and more Toys McCoy!

Blue in Green's 15th anniversary celebration isn't over just yet. After all, we still have several weeks to go before the year ends. And as much as we love denim, we couldn't make the 15 year anniversary collection consist of all jeans. It was important to us that we included a top in our offerings and who better to partner with than the masters of cut and sewn products themselves, Loop & Weft. If you are familiar with Loop & Weft than you probably don't need to keep reading, but if you are not familiar, this is the perfect time to get acquainted. Loop & Weft are known for using vintage machines in their production that few others do to create some of the softest cotton your hands will ever feel. That's mostly due to the fact that so few are still in existence. For this extremely limited hooded sweatshirt, L&W used a "Tompkin" machine. The "Tompkin", as it's known, was developed in 1846 and there are very few still left in operation. There are plenty of write ups on this machine and what makes it so special, which is why we were honored that L&W chose it to create this unique piece. What makes it even more special is that it's offered in a stunning indigo color, something not often offered from Loop & Weft. If this excites you, but maybe you are not into the hood or the indigo, don't worry, we are also offering this garment in a crewneck style in a variety of colors. Finally, we have the Merino Super Lamb Switch Panel Crewneck Sweater. This is one of the most beautiful pieces we have ever seen from L&W. This sweater consists of 100% extra fine merino lamb wool and is modeled after the 1980s British Switch Panel Knit Sweater. It comes in a mixed brown or mixed black.

We love when Studion D'Artisan drops off new shipments at the store because we know we are going to get that mix of tradition and innovation and this shipment is no different. Look no further than the D1820S HINODE jeans. These jeans feature a lovely reddish hue that results from Akane vegetable dye, considered the oldest "red dye". The color that results from the indigo warp and red weft is known as "Niai" and was used in aristocratic clothing since the Heian period. This time around it's not all about jeans from SDA. The tops we got in this drop are pure heat. Let's start with the button downs. We have flannels, indigo and dobby. It's all there. We were also happy to get a variety of their buttery soft Suvin Gold crewneck sweatshirts in.

We missed having Toys McCoy in the store regularly, but we assure you that will no longer be the case. We just got our 2nd F/W drop from our friends and it's another good one (most are!). The latest arrival from Toys contains the fan favorite Steve McQueen crewneck sweatshirt in both the standard version and the cut sleeve "Great Escape" version. We also received more of their straight fit Riders Denim, which are highly slept on. However, the standout piece in this shipment has to be the Taxi Drive Tankers Jacket. I'm not going to waste your time talking about how classic a film "Taxi Driver" is. This is not the place for that. If you are not familiar with the movie, you need not bother reading on. I will say that Toys McCoy obtained the official license to the film and as a result were granted access to the movie's official props. This tanker jacket is an exact replica of the one worn by Robert DeNiro. Faithfully reproduced in every detail.

Toys McCoy - Taxi Driver Jacket

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