Please give a warm welcome to the newest edition of our Blue in Green family, Sillage!
Based in Japan, Sillage launched in 2018 by Nicholas Yuthanan Chalmeau. Yuthanan blends and celebrated his Thai and French roots into each garment, while expressing his sensibility. Many modes, such as art, fashion, food, and sustainability all influence Yuthanan and are ever present in his collections.
Large silhouettes are perfected throughout this collection, giving an effortless look to each piece. Attention to detail is key in Yuthanan's pieces, as patches are all created and applied by hand.
Wear Sillage out for a night, or to work, or anywhere in between as the collection gives you elevated basics with minimal work. Versatile, unisex, and timeless, Sillage is made for all. 
Sillage is now available to shop in store and online now.