Original Madras Trading Co

Join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest brand addition to the Blue in Green family-

The Original Madras Trading Company. 

Community is so important to us and our values. We strive to celebrate culture, family, friends, our environment, our makings, etc. This is why we are so excited to welcome Original Madras Trading Company. 

Established here in New York in the 1970s, the Original Madras Trading Company has a deep history in the textile industry. They began by supplying Madras check and Indian textiles to companies throughout America. Madras check is a textile that many try and reproduce, but nothing compares to the original. Madras check is a pure cotton yarn dyed plain weave cloth with a minimum two color irregular pattern, and most importantly woven in madras with pure Indian cotton. The best Madras Check is always woven by hand, and the Original Madras Trading Company does just that out of the same building they have been located in throughout generations in NYC’S garment district. 

Focusing on in house production, all clothing is handwoven and the fabric is woven by one individual weaver from start to finish using a completely manual handloom. Due to the nature and beauty of handmade products, no two cloths are identical- truly a perfect show of unique craftsmanship rather than machine made identical conformity. 


In the company’s words, here is a quote that we think correlates to the brand’s identity: 

“Our founder, and my grandfather, often joked that he did not need to go to Oxford to make the best oxford, but that you need to go to Madras to make the best madras….My father and grandfather recognized that handwoven madras is an exceptional product, and all together we have made an unqualified commitment to continue to produce and promote it, driven by a desire to see beautiful things made and a tradition continue and thrive”.

So join us in giving a warm Blue in Green family welcome to the Original Madras Trading Co! 

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