Fullcount & Co x Blue in Green

We are thrilled to announce to you our newest collaboration with Fullcount & Co!

As one of the founding members of the Osaka 5, Fullcount has had their hand in the denim game since 1992 with their revolutionary use of Zimbabwean cotton.

Our collaboration will feature two new pieces: the 1101SR-BIG straight fit denim, and the 2107SR-BIG Denim Jacket. Both pants and jacket showcase a super rough texture that has been woven with organic cotton on a slub weave machine that is woven by a singular company in Japan.

Fulcount & Co X Blue in Green Denim Jacket

The 1101SR-BIG is a straight leg model with a slight taper. This model is 100% cotton, is 15.5oz Japanese selvage denim, and one-washed.

The 2107SR-BIG will follow the same suit in fabric, ounces, and wash. It does however, include a T-back, a detail only seen with vintage denim jackets. The T-back was once only used for larger sizes in a time where rationing was common. We and Fullcount have brought back that detail to you, in all sizes.

The leather patch seen on both pieces was designed specifically for this collaboration. To the left you can find a dragon, a signature motif seen on all Fullcount patches. To the right is a rat, meant to symbolize New York City, where Blue in Green originated. In the center are Chinese characters, read as “Blue” and “Green.”

Denim Patch

Join us in celebrating our newest in store collaboration! Shop the Fullcount & Co x Blue in Green release in store and online.