CHAORAS Hand Towel - Pink (Kagome)
CHAORAS Hand Towel - Pink (Kagome)

CHAORAS Hand Towel - Pink (Kagome)

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In addition to the cotton material, bamboo rayon is used for the weft, and the Japanese pattern sports towel has the functionality of moisture absorption and quick drying. Unlike ordinary cotton towels, it is characterized by its stretchy, supple and soft texture, and its excellent quick-drying and moisture absorption and desorption properties. Since the quick-drying fabric dries before the timing of bacteria breeding, the edges are processed with a lock sewing machine to ensure strength, unlike ordinary tenugui. The Japanese pattern that is in season now can be worn around the neck like a stole as a styling point, and of course, it is also possible to use it in the original way of using a tenugui. It will be delivered in a special box, so it will be appreciated not only for yourself but also as a gift for your loved ones.


CHAORAS: There are people in the world who spend their lives in their respective fields, such as the outdoors, urban areas, surfing, and sports. Chaolas is a brand that supports people who live actively. Tenugui is a local industrial product of Sakai City, which is also designated as a traditional craft of Osaka Prefecture. It is a hand-dyed hand towel that uses the technique of making a bank with glue and pouring dye into the place to be dyed.


                    Size description : Width 31cm / Length 110cm


  • Color: Pink (Kagome)
  • 50% cotton, 50% bamboo rayon
  • Made in Japan


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