Opening reception - Nothin Special NYC “GARBAGE COLLECTOR CAPSULE”

Friday, September 23rd we celebrated the opening reception of the new Nothin Special NYC collection. Nothin Special NYC released an “GARBAGE COLLECTOR CAPSULE” that offered a unique perspective on, well, trash. The inspiration of this collection, being littered trash on the streets of New York City.

Truly, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Expression in a new form, being recycled, by turning what one perceives as garbage into palpable art. “With irony and love for a society that mass produced a large amount of commercial waste” - @nothinspecialnyc

The collection featured limited edition tee’s, hoodies, and prints that were on display throughout the store and the party commenced with music by @ill.lala

We danced, we chatted, and talked about trash- what a great day to be in New York City.

Nothing Special Event 2022

Nothing Special Event 2022