Lite Year X Uxe Mentale - Blue in Green collaboration event

What a way to go into December folks. December 1st, we held an event with our old friends at Lite Year, an NYC/LA based agency, where we collaborated with Uxe Mentale, a brand founded by Argentinean based graphic designer and artist Gustavo Eandi.

Uxe Mentale is all about communication, and bringing people together through expression, creativity, music, and more. Finding the link between people and sharing it to deepen those connections, nurture them- no matter the distance.

We are so honored that we get the privilege of working with such talented and passionate people, while also supporting their visions and projects.

Our collaboration with Lite Year and Uxe Mentale, is a result of the community we have been able to build with your support, and will continue to build. The exclusive collection of products range from T-shirts to bags to pants, all embodying the commonality that we share with Uxe Mentale and Lite Year- being our love for music.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and support our collaboration. Even if you were not able to physically be there, we still feel your support around the world.

We hope you enjoy these photos from the event, and hopefully we will see you at the next one!