Fullcount x Small Talk Studio x Blue in Green

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting an event to celebrate our limited capsule with Fullcount & Co and Small Talk Studio!

We initially approached FullCount to inquire if they would be interested in collaborating with us on a few items we have personally loved, and wanted to birth a fresh interpretation of them. We came to them with the idea of creating the Denim Chore Jacket, but in the Ecru colorway. We had always loved their Denim Chore Jacket but wanted it to take on a fresh color to complement its classic silhouette.

To accompany the Chore Jacket, we looked in the direction of spinning a classic fit of jeans in the Ecru colorway too. We and Fullcount landed on the 1101 fit, a classic regular straight fit that offers a slight taper – a timeless fit. To keep the collaborative energy flowing, we commissioned a friend of the shop, Hiro Kusaoke, to design the patch placed on the jeans. You’ll see the signature dragon seen on all of Fullcount’s patches, along with a rat, to exemplify New York City.

We were also interested in bringing back a favorite we hadn’t seen in awhile, with that being the M43 Field Trousers. To pair with the Field Trousers, we collaborated in making the Japanese Twill Work Shirt. For this commission, we decided to use Unsaiori, an Ancient Japanese Twill, due to its comfortability and quality.

After going back and forth through the piece’s developmental phase with Fullcount, we thought it would be an ingenious idea to loop in Small Talk Studio into this collaboration, curious to see if they would be interested in hand drawing on each piece we had just collaborated with Fullcount on.

Small Talk had come on board, and now we had a limited capsule collab on our way!

Phil Ayers and Nicholas Williams comprise Small Talk Studio, a New York based brand, where they hand draw custom pieces to bring one of a kind clothes to the rest of us. We wanted our collaboration to have a more intimate feel, and we had the idea that a uniquely hand drawn garment on exclusive Japanese Denim would provide itself as clothes that had an extra special energy to them. There simply is a different feel to when another person hand draws something, as compared to a piece being screen printed on - and that intimate feeling was our goal.

This collaboration is held dear to our hearts, and to see so many of you show us love last Thursday meant the world to us. We hope you all enjoyed our party, and once again, we are always grateful for your continued support and showing up for us.

The collaboration is available to purchase in store and online now.