OBORO x BEAMS JAPAN Face Towel - Orange
OBORO x BEAMS JAPAN Face Towel - Orange
OBORO x BEAMS JAPAN Face Towel - Orange

OBORO x BEAMS JAPAN Face Towel - Orange

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A 100-year extremity bath towel that is gentle on the skin, characterized by its fluffy feel, amazing absorbency and lightness. Orange and indigo are special colors specially ordered from BEAMS JAPAN. A name tag of <BEAMS JAPAN> which is the proof (also attached to white) is included. This towel takes more than three times as long to make as other towels, and from the moment you touch it, you will feel a difference in comfort. It feels like you are stroking a stuffed animal. The production is made in Japan, and the quality is guaranteed. It is extremely comfortable to use, and it is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift.

Oboro Towel: Born in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Oboro Towel was founded in September 1909 with a patent for the "Oboro-dyed Towel Manufacturing Method". After that, in 1927, we obtained a utility model patent for a double weave gauze towel, and started mass production of gauze towels made of fine thread for the first time in Japan. With the passage of time into the Heisei period and the wave of cheap imports, the Japanese quality and gentleness that has continued to be made in Japan still attracts many fans. 


                    Size description : Width 33.5cm / Length 86.5cm


  • The color may fade slightly at first. Please wash separately from white items
  • Do not use bleach as it may cause discoloration
  • Please refrain from using fabric softener as it may cause the pile to come off
  • Fuzz falls off at the beginning of use. Please wash separately from other items
  • Avoid leaving after dehydration
  • Using a laundry net is recommended


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