BEAMS JAPAN Mt Fuji Bowl - Medium
BEAMS JAPAN Mt Fuji Bowl - Medium
BEAMS JAPAN Mt Fuji Bowl - Medium
BEAMS JAPAN Mt Fuji Bowl - Medium

BEAMS JAPAN Mt Fuji Bowl - Medium

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<Beams Japan> original rice bowl that was completed as a special order from a pottery manufacturer in Tajimi, Gifu. It has the Perfect size for those who want to eat a lot of white rice, soups and stews, and is durable enough to be used every day. The entire bowl is designed to look like Mt. Fuji, and is boldly and powerfully painted in the image of a blue Mt. Fuji rising in the clear sky. In addition, the line inside the bowl also features a line of Mt.Fuji. Recommended for those who love Mt. Fuji, and those who want to see the lucky upside-down Mt. Fuji!

  • Made in Japan
  • Please note that the texture of the pottery is different one by one
  • Due to the position of the product in the kiln and temperature differences during firing, the way the glaze (glaze) melts and flows may change, resulting in uneven glaze
  • Do not use in direct flame or oven
  • Gold/platinum-decorated vessels are microwave-safe
  • Clean dirt immediately and dry well before storing
  • If you are concerned about stains, please use kitchen bleach as indicated. Please do not bleach gold or platinum decorated vessels as it may cause discoloration
  • Do not use a metal scrubbing brush, cleanser, or hard sponge (such as a scrubbing brush with an abrasive) as it may scratch the surface
  • Please use the dishwasher according to the method specified for the equipment
ONE SIZE : Diameter 16 / Height 9 / Contents 700ml

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